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I havent watched in forever

I havent been watching GH but is spinelli turning into one of the important characters?
if so why is he?
i mean maxi loves him or whatever.. jason needs him... but they dont need all that crap
he is annoying
i rather have Ned and Logan' dad then Spinelli :D

General Hospital

Well, we still hate spinelli... but now general hospital is getting good
Claudia is awesome
Michael got shot in the head
Lulu is dating Claudias brother
and is anyone else going to die?
oh and ladyg0th!!... caracas lol

General Hospital

So yeah Robin is pregnant
Spinelli is still alive :( lol
but you know what really sucks?
Georgie is dead :( so she can't be with Dillian or Spinelli so that's not cool
And Emily died too...
--Carly needs to get out of others peoples business, Sonny and Brenda need to hook up... that blonde lady is too weird, and Jason and Sam need to get back together so Elizabeth and Lucky can be in love again :D

This is why....

This community is offically stating that we hate Spinelli from General Hospital... He is beyond a dork, he is beyond annoying, and he is just plain shootable!
I can understand why some people may find this to be "immature" but you did just waste all your time coming here and reading this... so if you have something good to say about Spinelli... just don't!
We have this site... to let you know... this hate of him, is a strong one... and we just want Anthony Zacchara to f---in kill this guy.
Sometimes he is not that bad when he talks like a normal F---ING human being, but with all this... The fair one, the evil doer of port charles, the young one of the two half brothers of the one who doesn't talk anymore who birthed Lucky... is really freakin annoying... and we all just want it to stop NOW!


Haters of General Hospital's Spinelli "The Jackel"
General Hospital

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